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Hypnotherapy for top sports performance


Do you have the heart of an athlete? 

Have you heard them say, he/she has the skills but not the heart?

When you have the heart, you believe in yourself, you have the capability and ability.   

Be able to focus when pressure is too high and rise to the occasion. 

You will be able to accept the challenge. 

Even a brave person gets scared. 

Courage in meaningless with the absence of fear and/or danger

A courageous person will say,

“Alright, the pressure is on.  I’m scared to death – Now which way do I go?

Let’s do it!!”

Courageously facing your choices, you FREE yourself of the pressure of fear and the fear of pressure.  Have the courage to believe in yourself.  Have the courage to feel. 

Have the courage to just be vulnerable and own your humanity.

Have the heart and the courage, to accept pressure as a stimulating, exciting challenge. 

Have the heart, the courage, to challenge your ability at higher levels

and the Growth beyond your imagination.

A bit about, Sports Performance, Mental fitness and hypnotherapy...

To become a Top-level athlete is not the easiest thing to achieve.  You must have the ability, capability,

and skills in acertain field to perform better than the average athlete, but is that really all it takes…

being better, stronger, fitter, or faster?

Being a top-level athlete takes much, much more than that to achieve!  

You must be committed, motivated, determined, focused and responsible, and also

know how to handle pressure, criticism, and keep your emotions in check. 

You must be mentally, emotionally, and physically strong!

When there are two athletes with equal skills, it is always the one, that is emotionally

and mentally stronger that will win.

Your subconscious mental imagery becomes the energy and the driving force within,

and the end results that the body emerges as a product of our imagination. 

The world without, reflects your world within. 


Everything begins with a thought.

If you think you can – you will!!

As every action is driven by emotion.

Every athlete goes through Trauma.  Be it at practice, the game, tournament, at home.  It does not matter where.

Our athletes are expected to just write it off and carry on.  To perform at top levels all the time. 

Unfortunately, our subconscious minds do not work that way. Every action must have a reaction.

If you have a bad practice session just before a big game, you create negative thoughts and imagery that is

accepted by your subconscious as instructions from your conscious mind.  If these emotions are not dealt with,

chances are, you will have a bad game. We create fear and doubt in ourselves.

What happens to an athlete that has had a bad game?  Besides breaking himself down mentally and negatively,

he must deal and cope with the comments from all around.  The coaches, the teammates, family, friends, and the public.   

Although some might mean well and think they are helping (and might), the negative comments get absorbed by the player. 

Now creating more self-doubt.  So many athletes are haunted by one bad game,

and it continues to stick subconsciously in such a way that one bad game becomes a multitude of bad games.

Having a negative expectation can really sink a player.

All achievements begin with a thought.  You don’t win by playing well and thinking poorly.


Mind Power

Mind Power means that we must first think success before we manifest success.  Every athlete should strive for success consciousness.  Success consciousness is that state of mind which cannot be seen as anything but success.  Mind power in the field of sport is not a new thing. It is a well-known phenomenon in instances where physical talent between two athletes is equal, it is their mind power that will determine who will win and who will lose. Anything you put your mind to, you can achieve.


Fear and Anxiety:

All athletes get into a fight or flee situation (survival mode).  This is where fear can take over.



Anxiety is when you are afraid of something. All senses tense up, your heart rate increases, breathing gets

shallow, and you lose your focus and concentration. It is nameless, formless, and timeless.  What are your triggers

that are causing your anxiety attacks or panic attacks?  Most of the time you, yourself do not know what

triggers these attacks. It is a physical symptom of something happening subconsciously.  Something that

was caused by a traumatic event that you have not or might not know how to deal with.



Fear is the biggest limiting emotional pattern. Imagine an athlete goes through a horrible divorce or the loss of a

loved one and then is expected to give a top performance in an event or competition. 

Any human being, while under emotional stress and trauma will struggle in their daily lives. 

Yet we expect our athletes to do so.  Nobody cares about your personal life. 

All they care about is your performance.  If an athlete does not know how to cope and deal

with situations like these, it can break them down both physically and emotionally.



Injuries for an athlete can be detrimental. The “psychological injury” can be worse than the

actual injury.  While in recovery, mental fitness is of utmost importance.  Self-doubt and fear can be

toxic for an athlete recovering from injury.  Wondering if they will be able to perform as well as they were

performing once they have fully recovered. Thoughts like somebody new might take their place on a team or

not being fit enough. Some athletes never go back after a severe injury, as they are too afraid that they

will not be good enough anymore.  With Hypnotherapy we help the athlete identify what is the cause and or

reason of their fear and anxiety, and what the triggers are.  We help the athlete deal with these reasons

subconsciously and release the triggers causing the fear and anxiety. 


Mental Blocks:

With mental blocks and poor performance, we use a technique called age regression to break

the mental block and remind him/her subconsciously why they love the sport. 

We help athletes work on their performance. Using techniques to visualise the areas that need to improve

subconsciously. Help them see themselves perfecting the areas and connecting the mind and body to

respond at the same time the same way.

With hypnotherapy we increase injury recovery time, both physically and mentally.  Working with the subconscious to see and have a positive recovery.  Also releasing all the fear and anxiety the injury brought.

The mental fitness of any athlete is extremely important.  We help athletes in areas such as fear, anxiety, mental block, trauma, pressure, Injury, motivation, determination, performance and goals.



Should an athlete know exactly which area he needs assistance with, we will gladly assist with treatment in that area.

Mountain Cliff Hiker

Performance = Potential - Interference

We help athletes with;

* Poor Performance   *Injury Recovery

* Doubt   * Confidence   * Stress / Anxiety

* Fear   * Coping with Pressure * Focus

* Concentrating during performance

* Letting go of Poor Performances

*Practice vs Game   * Tension * Motivation

* Reaching your goals   * Over-Thinking

*Disappointment   * Fear of Failure

* Mental Blocks   * Getting in the Zone

And many more...

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