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Hypnotherapy for Trauma

Dealing with Trauma

Life decisions are based on your emotions.

Trauma has a huge influence

on your emotions.

Take control back!

Dealing with Trauma

Most of us experience trauma every day and don’t even release it. But what is trauma?

Trauma is anything that is out of the ordinary, like getting a fright; which either causes you to be

embarrassment; hurt; anger; anxiety; fear; sorrow. So basically, all negative emotions are coupled to trauma.

Because we are unique, each person responds to situations differently.  For example, what could be just brushed off by one person, can have a traumatic impact on another person. Because your subconscious mind is there to protect you, it will react to any trauma you endure. The event can be either remembered, usually partially or fully, as in the case of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), or it may have been completely forgotten.


The memory of the traumatic event may have been completely forgotten, because the traumatising experience was too awful to allow conscious memory access to it. We call this convenient forgetting repression. That is because the event is only forgotten to conscious mind – the memory itself is firmly locked away in the unconscious mind. A repressed memory, of a traumatic event, can cause both psychological and physical problems. For example, why do you stutter? This repressed memory is rather like a pressure cooker, ready to explode, and therefore disturbing everything else around it. The internal stress caused by the repression, causes unaccounted for phenomena in the external world of conscious mind. Every action has to have a reaction, and because the subconscious mind is there to protect you, you would rather find a weak spot and create a “substitute satisfaction” rather than having you face the trauma. Examples include stuttering, blushing, nervous tick, biting fingernails and many more.  The conscious mind has no idea why you are doing this as its access is forbidden by the subconscious mind.  In some cases, these memories can be triggered by a new event. Although the memories that is now recalled are partial and distorted. This is known as the ‘return of the repressed’


As the subconscious mind is not linked to time, it remembers trauma as if it happened now. 

Therefore the emotional bond is very strong. 


For example, you might have been in a car accident when you were 2 years old or 18 years old, or only a week ago, to the subconscious it is as if it happened now. This can cause you to develop a fear for driving, whether you remember the accident or not.  Or, you might have been accidentally locked in a cupboard when you were a youngster, while playing hide and seek.  Although it might seem simple looking back now, but the fact is at that age it was traumatic.

Your subconscious remembers the images, sounds; feelings; thoughts and emotions.  This can cause you

to be claustrophobic. This traumatic event, no matter how big or small it seems now,

the emotional bond it has over you can and will impact every part of your life, if not dealt with. 


Another example is a rape victim, they might play the event over and over in their mind, to try and make sense of it. 

To try and find a reason why that happened to them. More often than not, they will try and

convince themselves that they were the reason it happened, to try and take control back.

This is not the case!!  By releasing the emotional bond, it has over you, will give you your control back.

  You will not need to relive this horrible day.

Emotional abuse is also very hard to deal with.  The manipulation that goes hand in hand with it can even be harder. If you got out of the situation, every relationship you attempt after that will be judged and compared to the abusive relationship.  I have heard so many people say, “I have to pay for her/his ex’s mistakes”.  This can cause strain and will have a negative impact on your new relationship.  What might have been the love of your life, can and more than likely will turn into more heartache due to your past.  Release this emotional bond with hypnotherapy, so you can remember who you are, and not what someone else told you who you are.

Take back control!

With hypnotherapy, we deal with the emotional side of the trauma.

Helping you release the bond trauma has over you. 

You DO NOT have to relive the event emotionally.

We can help you take control back. 

Should there be any “substitute satisfaction” symptoms, it will also go away

when the traumatic event is released.

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