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Hypnotherapy for patients with cancer

For our Cancer patients

You have the ability to

fight your fight. 

Allowing your subconscious mind to fight with you, will give you a much greater chance to beat the cancer.

What happens to you mentally & emotionally, when you find out you have cancer?

Your thoughts create images in your subconscious mind.  Your subconscious mind takes these

images as instruction from the conscious mind and your subconscious mind must act upon them.

Cancer is the most feared word in anybody’s conscious and subconscious mind.  Cancer has been around for many years. Everybody knows somebody who has had cancer, or they know of people who have died from cancer, and they also know that it is a major fight to try and beat cancer.  These are thoughts that have been implanted and conditioned in your subconscious mind for a very long time. The minute that you find out you have cancer, all these thoughts are brought back to the conscious mind. These thoughts create images of yourself in your subconscious. Your subconscious responds to these images and takes it as instructions from the conscious mind. Generally, the first thought is, “am I going to die”? Then, “what can be done”? From there on every thought, you have is negative. Chemo/Radiation… I am going to be so sick… I’m going to lose my hair… Will it even work? … how much time do I have left, if it doesn’t work?   Or surgery… Is it operable?... Will I survive the operation?... Will they get it all?...  What happens if they don’t?... Your body is consumed with stress and fear immediately. The discussion continues with friends and family.  They get scared and project their fear even more onto you.  You start the fight for your life, completely negative, scared and stressed/depressed.

With Hypnotherapy we recondition your subconscious mind.

When you have a cut on your body, your subconscious sees it as a foreign “object” that should not be there.  Your mind jumps into motor-action and sends neurons to the area in order for it to heal the cut.  In hypnotherapy we do the same, through suggestion, by making the subconscious understand that cancer cells and tumours are foreign “objects” that do not belong.  Your subconscious will jump into motor-action and also fight against the cancer cells or tumours, together with your medical treatment, to get rid of what does not belong in your body.  Allowing your subconscious fight with you, and not against you with all those negative thoughts.


Pain is a signal to the subconscious that something is wrong and needs to be attended to.  With hypnosis, we acknowledge that we are aware of the problem, and we are taking action.  There is no need for a high level of pain anymore. This will minimise the pain level. When you are in constant pain, you invariably feel negative and drained all the time.  By decreasing the pain levels, you will have more willpower and energy, and you will be a lot more comfortable and be able to take back some control.

We can help

We suggest to the subconscious mind that the medical treatment is good for your body and see it as helping your subconscious fight against the cancer. Allowing your subconscious to accept the treatment will decrease the physical symptoms the treatment has on your body. We release the fear and anxiety and build on your immune system, thus allowing you to release the stress and build up confidence. 

You have the ability to fight your fight. 

Allowing your subconscious mind to fight with you,

will give you a much greater chance to beat the cancer.

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