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Weight Loss Program

Weight Loss with hypnotherapy

The mental strain of being over weight, is more often than not, worse than the physical strain. 



An entire new approach to lose weight! 

One where you lose weight and actually keep it off!



Are you ready for your new life to begin?

Being overweight is not just physically hard on your body but mentally as well!  The mental strain on you is more often than not, worse than the physical strain.  As with every struggle, to walk; breath; finding clothes that fit or taking part in fun activities etc. it’s the mental punishment and negative thoughts that come with it, Depression, Anxiety, Pressure, Guilt, shame, self-loathing.... 

You do NOT need to feel this way any longer! 

We are here for you!

There are No diets, No magic pills, No special foods, No counting calories!!

With these unique programs, we help you discover the true you!

These programs resets your body and mind.

Our most popular program is our Virtual Gastric Band Program

Our Virtual Gastric Band Program is a step-by-step hypnotherapy program that guides you to easy and

successful weight loss like never before.



This program has been proven to be highly effective,                                                    

allowing you to lose weight easily, effortlessly and keep it off!                                                

The reason why this program works:

 Your subconscious is truly the most powerful tool you possess, and it controls and allows your body to function everyday without you even thinking about it.  You breathe naturally without having to think about taking a breath and your heart beats without you having to think about your heart beating.  Remember when you were little, and you had a cut on your finger or leg.  Your mom would put a plaster on it and in a few days, when you take the plaster off, the cut was healed.  I can guarantee you there was no magic in the plaster that healed the cut, although we use to think so.  It was your subconscious recognizing that there is a “foreign object” that should not be there.  Your subconscious will automatically send neurons to that place and heal the cut. 

Your subconscious works with mental imagery. If I tell you to think about a bouquet of beautiful flower standing on you table.  All your favorite flowers. And it smells amazing. You can actually see an image of it in your mind’s eye, as you are doing right now.  You do this without realizing it. There is also an emotion attached to it.  For example, its beautiful. So, it creates happy thoughts.


Unfortunately, with weight, not so happy thoughts are attached to it. Trust me, nobody got up one morning and

decided to gain weight to a point where they become unhappy with themselves. It just happened gradually,

and we always try and find an excuse for it. The thing is, if it is not a medical reason, it is always emotional. 

Something happened, that made you lose control and started gaining weight.

With this program, you will find the reason, and let go of it, as it is no longer important. 

The important thing is to be healthy and happy with yourself.

Your subconscious mind takes direction from your conscious mind, so whilst under hypnosis, your subconscious mind assumes that the conscious mind is permitted to receive positive suggestions and therefore must manifest itself into motor action. Once a positive suggestion has been accepted by your subconscious mind, it must then be acted upon. Therefor we use Imagery, visualization and a virtual gastric band surgery that will allow you to lose the weight quickly.

Hypnosis is a lot like guided meditation but allows you to go deeper into a heightened sense of awareness and work directly with your subconscious mind.

It is always safe and you are and stay in control the entire time!

What is Virtual Gastric Band Surgery?

The traditional Gastric Band Surgery is a surgery where they place a band around the center of your stomach. Creating a pouch. Your stomach now no longer looks like the shape of a normal stomach but more like the shape of an hourglass with a narrow channel between the top and bottom part of your stomach. This will allow the top part of your stomach to fill up quickly, and allow the stomach acid to digest the food at the top part of your stomach slower. It will then pass through the narrow part to the bottom part of your stomach and the rest of your digestive system.  This allows your body to absorb and utilize all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that your body needs and dispose of the rest…

With a VIRTUAL gastric band surgery, we use visualization, imagery and positive suggestions that works directly with your subconscious. Giving you the idea that you had the surgery.

You get all the effects and benefits of an actual Gastric Band surgery but without the scars, pain and expenses. 


As every person is unique we also offer and help you with;

*Emotional eating     * Changing your eating habits     Reprogramming

* Sugar Addiction     * Chocolate cravings and addiction     * Sugar drinks

* Sweets and Cake cravings and addiction     * Healthy Eating     *Binge Eating

* Junk Food cravings     * Exercise Motivation

Lose weight with hypnotherapy
Lose weight with hypnotherapy
Lose weight with hypnotherapy
Lose weight with hypnotherapy

Rian - 26.2Kg's

Jacky - 13.6Kg's

Brigette - 8.6Kg's

Cindy - 15.3 Kg's

You have tried everything else, now try an unconventional way that truly works!

Lose weight with hypnotherapy

Sandy - 25.8Kg's



Tel:              0027 796624804                   
Address:   Benoni, Gauteng, South Africa

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